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Why this blog and what is it about?


After more than 20 years of a rich and diversified career in and around Software Engineering (development, infrastructure, architecture, people and project management with no specific order), I simply felt the need to share my experience and thoughts on the subject.

By writing this, I also hope that taking time to collect my thoughts and write them down made them clearer and more persuasive. Instead of making the same arguments again and again, often ineffectively.

I see it as a way of structuring my ideas, a bit like a student who summarizes what he's learned in revision sheets.

But let's not overthink it and write it down! We'll see! 🚀

What is it about?

Software Engineering of course!

And as the current title of this blog says, I'm working as a "Staff Software Engineer" now. So I will try to share my experience and my vision of this job title, which is fairly new in my country (France 🇫🇷). Maybe I will write a few articles about that in French.