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Relentless problem solver, developer at ❤️ since the age of 8 🐣, I am irrevocably attracted to open technologies in general with current "not dogmatic" preferences in Linux, Docker, Python, Go, Nginx, Redis and PostgreSQL.

Just as comfortable in a conference room 👔 as in front of a Linux terminal 🖥️ or a VSCode IDE1, with significant experience (> 20 years) in nearly all areas of IT (from dev through architecture to ops and people/project management)...

... I currently work as a "Staff Software Engineer" at Botify from Toulouse in France (100% remote).

Why this blog?

Read this dedicated page for more details.

My 3 favorites quotes (about software engineering) and why?

1️⃣ "Done is better than perfect" (Sheryl Sandbert)

If you didn't get every specific detail right, it's more important that you finished a task. A very useful quote when you are building a "minimum viable product" because "perfect is never done". It's also linked to technical debt management. To optimize the team productivity, sometimes, you have to let the technical debt slip but sometimes, you have to pay back. A compromise that is always difficult to maintain but which is the value of an experienced software leader.

2️⃣ "If you can not measure it, you can not improve it" (Lord Kelvin)

A very classical one not specific to computer science. Linked to premature optimization which can be "the root of all evil". Also linked to complexity management in software which is, again, a difficult but necessary compromise between performance optimization, long-term scalability/modularity and costs/delays.

3️⃣ "Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute" (Harold Abelson)

A more specific one I love. Software developers are often obsessed with writing the most beautiful/clever/efficient code but most of them are missing an important point: software engineering is a team sport, the best code is the one that another team member can confidently modify when you are not around!


  1. With VIM mode/plugin of course 🤓