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How is this blog operated? And how is it securely hosted for free at Cloudflare?

My requirements for a personal blog


For ages, I've been a big fan of Markdown1, like I was a big fan of LaTeX before.

When I write a document, I want to focus on the content and not on the formatting. I don't want to be disturbed by the glitches of a WYSIWYG editor and I want to use my favorite tools and not a dedicated UI.

Maybe, it's a kind of personal obsession 😅 But as it's a personal blog...

When and how to use an "eventbus" inside a Golang application?


An event bus is a software architecture pattern that facilitates communication between components without requiring the components to explicitly be aware of each other. It works by receiving events from producer components and dispatching these events to consumer components that have expressed an interest in those types of events.

It's widely used in distributed microservices contexts with technologies such as RabbitMQ, Redis, Kafka or other cloud providers' proprietary implementations.

But it can also make sense in a monolithic application, and that's what I'm going to talk about here.